Nail Art at our Studio

Nail Art at our Studio

The promise:
Pretty nails that will keep their colour

The experience:
The good news is, finding Studio XY. Our Salons are at NYUAD, Saadiyat Island.

The spa is spacious, with 14 treatment seats and six drying stations. It’s brightly-lit and all white, with hints of turquoise.

The spa offers waxing, threading and hand and feet treatments for adults and kids, but we’re here to try its mani-pedi service.

There is a wide range of polish to choose from. We choose a pinky beige colour on arrival, and are then guided from the waiting area by reception to a comfortable seat – one of 10 in the middle of the room. We’re offered a drink.

We dip our feet into a bowl of warm, soapy water and rest our arms on armrests.

There’s a TV on silent and no music, so we ask for some magazines. The selection is poor; mostly promotional nail magazines in Arabic and no English lifestyle ones, so we’re a bit bored.

Two nail technicians work on us simultaneously, one on our feet, one on our hands. They spritz hand sanitiser on our nail, remove old polish then file and buff them. They’re thorough; cleaning under our nails and scraping the tops of them with a wooden stick to remove surface grime we didn’t realise was there. They then coat our nails in a clear base coat and two layers of colour. They finish with a calf massage, which is an unexpected bonus.

It takes about an hour. We’re then given disposable foam flip flips and encouraged to dry our hands and feet under one of six dryers for 20 minutes.

The results:
A week on, our nails are still not chipped.