Our Mission

Look no further if you are searching for a salon in which you can entrust your hairdresser to best attend to your desired style within your desired timeframe!

As you step foot into StudioXY, you will enter a friendly environment that is buzzing with energy and spirit but is never rushed. StudioXY cares about your health; we guarantee that every time you step in our salon it will feel as if it were brand new. Our professional, precise and yet caring staff helps to create this special environment dedicated to making your experience the perfect escape to cure a bad day or a busy week.

Our philosophy is to treat everyone as though they are our personal guests and to attend to his or her physical and emotional needs to the best of our capabilities, all the while keeping time in mind. We call this the “StudioXY Salon Experience,” and have incorporated this into our policy. There is no limit to the level of individual attainment at StudioXY. Right from the assistants to the manager, we each have the opportunity to grow as far as our imagination and energies will permit to give you the best experience possible.